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EFFORTLESS Productivity

Create as many templates as you need for frequently used documents, and schedule all recurring transactions for future periods. Improve productivity and efficiency in daily routines with a few simple actions.

 AutoCount Sg - Schedule Your Recurring Entries

Schedule Your Recurring Entries

For many businesses, recurring transactions and accounting entries can be a huge volume of repetitive and tedious workload. Now you may schedule all future transactions and decide either to generate the entries automatically or to be prompted with reminders.

 AutoCount Sg - Use of Document Templates

Use of Document Templates

Create a template for a frequently used document (e.g. Cash Sale) and enjoy SPEEDY processes in the subsequent billings. Imagine how much time you can save on documents such as Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Credit Note, Request Quotation, Cash Sale.

Enhancement HOTPICKS

Compare to version 1.9, this version 2.0 is loaded with numerous enhancement and enrichment. Here are 5 most sought after features

  • Auto-Generate Stock Adjustments
  • 6 Levels Selling Price With Auto-Adjustment
  • Better Stock Filtering/Analysis
  • Applicability of Stock Items

Auto-Generate Stock Adjustments

 AutoCount Sg - Auto-Generate Stock Adjustments

Auto-Generate Stock Adjustments

After a stock take, the system shall detect the differences between physical quantity and book quantity. What you need to do is to determine whether or not to auto- generate stock adjustment entries according to the discrepancies.

6 Levels Selling Price With Auto-Adjustment

 AutoCount Sg - 6 Levels Selling Price With Auto-Adjustment

6 Levels Selling Price With Auto-Adjustment

For each stock item, you may now maintain up to 6 levels of selling price and assign to different categories of customers. For each level of selling price, by specifying the percentage of margin and markdown rate, the selling price shall be auto-adjusted with the changes of Cost price.

Better Stock Filtering/Analysis

 AutoCount Sg - Better Stock Filtering/Analysis

Better Stock Filtering/Analysis

For better and more flexible filtering as well as analysis reporting, all inventory items can be differentiated with Item Group, Item Type, Item Brand, Item Category and Item Class.

Applicability of Stock Items

 AutoCount Sg - Applicability of Stock Items

Applicability of Stock Items

Some of your stock items are not for sale (e.g. for own use) or are used only in specific processes (e.g. raw materials are used only in making finished goods). By specifying the applicability of stock items, you may reduced the loading of non-relevant items during processes of Sales, Purchase, POS, Raw Materials and Finished Goods.


Sometimes a tiny change, be it a change in habit or the tools, can make a big difference in the result. We looked into your requirements, even the tiniest one, hoping to offer greater working experience of convenience.

 AutoCount Sg - Transfer of Documents in Either Way

Transfer of Documents in Either Way

When creating a new document using Transfer method, you can choose to use either ‘Transfer To’ a new document from an existing document, or ‘Transfer From’ an existing document to a new document, whichever works better for you.

 AutoCount Sg - Easier Credit Control

Easier Credit Control

Any creation of documents that violating credit limit will send a prompt directly to your screen and requesting your approval to proceed. It is convenient and it is effective.

 AutoCount Sg - Define Your Own Input Layout

Define Your Own Input Layout

This is a practically useful minor customization many may need for their own purpose. When creating transaction for sales, purchases and inventory, your own defined additional fields allows you to input desired info/data.

It FLOWS better

This version also emphasizes on better flows of recording, transaction and tracking. Special highlights are the process of consignment, deposit, purchasing, and related documents flow.

  • Refined Consignment Module
  • Deposit - Apply, Refund & Forfeit
  • New Document - Purchase Request
  • The Flow of Related Documents

Refined Consignment Module

 AutoCount Sg - Refined Consignment Module

Refined Consignment Module

Your may be consignor, or consignee, the most important things you need from the software is a good flow of consignment activity records and reports. It covers from the begeinning of consignment note, to the transfer of consignment return of invoice, and status of inventory reports.

Deposit - Apply, Refund & Forfeit

 AutoCount Sg - Deposit - Apply, Refund & Forfeit

Deposit - Apply, Refund & Forfeit

If you do collect deposits from customers, you will better appreciate the features deposit management. It allows you to record each deposit received, transfer of deposit (as payment) to offset invoices, and multiple entries for refunds and forfeits.

New Document - Purchase Request

 AutoCount Sg - New Document - Purchase Request

New Document - Purchase Request

Purchase Request is more to a internal document in procurement process, usually used before Request Quotation and Purchase Order are sent to suppliers.

The Flow of Related Documents

 AutoCount Sg - The Flow of Related Documents

The Flow of Related Documents

In one screen you can view the complete flow of related documents. From the beginning of non-accounting documents, to official business billing and related payments or credit notes. Besides, you may click on any document and drill into its details.

The power of FLEXIBILITY

From general software users to advanced users, we offer more options in this software. This includes, among all, the Advanced Keyword Search, Stock Item Inquiry With Details, and Formula Editor.

 AutoCount Sg - Advanced Keyword Search

Advanced Keyword Search

When using keyword search, all partially and fully matched records will be displayed. This advanced powerful search feature is going to make your life easier, not just a bit.

 AutoCount Sg - Stock Item Inquiry With Details

Stock Item Inquiry With Details

For those who use the feature of Stock Item Inquiry often, will find it even better in version 2.0. The new arraignment showcases greater details of the highlighted stock item in one screen.

 AutoCount Sg - Use of Formula Editor

Use of Formula Editor

For advanced users or those with technical know-how, you may now customize a field (of any document), even in the detail band, by applying formulas to meet your desired outcome. This is particularly useful for complicated calculations.


You may have some personal preferences when comes to colors, shortcuts and favorite functions. Every time you login, it appears as what you wanted it to be.

  • Choose Your Theme Color
  • Quick Access Data Charts
  • Favorite Tiles on Main Page

Choose Your Theme Color

 AutoCount Sg - Choose Your Theme Color

Choose Your Theme Color

Pick your referred theme color on this software with your login. If this makes you feel more comfortable, why not?

Quick Access Data Charts

 AutoCount Sg - Quick Access Data Charts

Quick Access Data Charts

Determine what are the tiles (main functions) you would like to have on the main page. You may consider favorite functions or those you need to use frequently.

Favorite Tiles on Main Page

 AutoCount Sg - Favorite Tiles on Main Page

Favorite Tiles on Main Page

For advanced users or those with technical know-how, you may now customize a field (of any document), even in the detail band, by applying formulas to meet your desired outcome. This is particularly useful for complicated calculations.