Cloud Accounting Singapore

Online cloud accounting Company provides a software that can be retrieved easily through the internet with a valid login credentials. There are necessary firewall and security to protect the files, without compromising the convenience of storing in the Cloud server.

In the early 1990’s where technology had just begun, computers were still the big and bulky machines, there was limited internet connection and business done were still the traditional method. Physical visit to shops, regular weekly or monthly deliverables made on a fixed schedule and routine, even overseas partnership established was a great milestone achieved. Those were the days where papers were used the most. Business owners signed contracts in the physical copies that were made in multiple set, all parties have one copy each and made a few more as backup. That was also the time where quotation, invoices, books were kept in different archived files. Balance sheet were often not tallied due to the discrepancies in amount.

Gradually we moved to the next era where technology improved, accounting software was developed and almost all companies both locally and globally adopted this new software gradually.Books were kept more proper, quotations generated and invoices were too more organized. Lesser manually work is needed and human double entry has also been reduced.

However, many accounting information were still stored in physical server, where only working with the actual server on the same network can access the files stored. Then concerns arise where accountants need to stay back in the office to complete the month end or even year- end or month end closing. Should an immediate invoice be required to be issued, there are also limitations if accountant is not in office or is away on long leave.

Hence with the businesses growing over time, there were requests and demands to tap on the advanced technology to move the current processes to cloud. Quotations, invoice, Profile & Loss, Debtors lists should be made easily available with the click of a few buttons away.

Thus, as an Online cloud accounting company, we saw the opportunity to develop accounting software on cloud which can allows accountants to work anywhere anytime so long as they have internet access. It was yet another milestone to evolve accounting software.

Online Cloud accounting company is also able to limit the user access, granting the right personnel to the right visibility. This protects the company’s assets, limiting the data access to appropriate stakeholders within the organization.

Autocount accounting software has an Autocount on the Go version which is a mobile application that user can download on mobile phone. This Autocount on the Go application which allows user who were given the rights to be able to check invoices, aging list and other modules while on the move. This application is backed up by team with over two decades of experience and is always exploring ways to improve the functions, usability and even user interface. Possibility of customization with existing warehouse management software or even point of sales system can be further explored.

Online cloud accounting company like Creative eWorld Pte Ltd provides the software and training to empower organizations with the flexibility to be able to generate quote, issue invoices and even check the credit rating of their customers.

With accounting system on cloud hosting, business can be driven forward quickly and real time data can be obtained easily. Setting up is quick, adjustment made is also quick. Even tax and compliance submission are all done in almost real time.

For some businesses with multiple locations, online cloud accounting software is ideal as business owners can work anywhere anytime, accountants can also access the file real time. The files include inventory, pricing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, debtors list, taxes payment and even possibly linking up with various bank for instant payment.

Technology advanced so quickly over the last 10 years that from those mundane tasks which are manual, tedious and time consuming till today’s information are stored securely within a few clicks away. Information stored in world-class databases where firewall is up to date, anti- virus scanning, intrusion alerts, and in the event of an unfortunate system corruption or natural disaster, multiple backups had been done & the recovery of the data are so much easier.