Simple, Basic & Top Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Accounting Software is a widely used computer program by all business in Singapore to store business financial data and business transactions. This is an Easy accounting software that helps records and reports a business’ financial transactions.

This Simple accounting software is suitable for most accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Most modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Billing, Stock / Inventory management, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Bookkeeping and Financial Closing are within the main basic fundamental core modules. A Business Accounting Software helps to store and analyze data for organizations, it also generates various daily, weekly, monthly reports for different modules.

With the advanced technology, it is no longer time effective to perform all these accounting task manually via hand written copies on papers. Papers take up a lot of space and even more time is required to flip through physical copies one by one. Under Singapore Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, all businesses must retain and be able to retrieve the accounting transactions for at least 5 years. Hence should business not migrate from hardcopies to software and digitalization, it will take up a lot of office and storage space. These holding space are also a recurring cost to organization which can be minimized or even eliminated especially with EInvoicing.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses can now be leveraged on technology with this Best Accounting Software in Singapore, mundane bookkeeping can be done quickly and easily with a click of a few buttons. Even search for past invoicing or monthly purchases order to yearly auditing, can be done more efficiently. Human error can be greatly reduced on paper, filing can be minimized and with files stored in server or hard disks, the risk of missing documentations is reduced to minimum.

With this User-friendly accounting software, AutoCount Accounting software this is one of the Top accounting software for most small medium enterprises in Singapore. With the help of a Basic accounting software, this would greatly improve productivity and reduces the time for the accountant to create a simple entry. More time can be then allocated to other tasks which requires more human attention like contacting of clients or follow up of payments or other co-ordination works. Some accounting software has its limitation where many actions is required for an entry but more suitable for inventory purposes. Different off the shelve software is suitable for different industries which is also why there are various accounting software in Singapore.

In our SME Accounting Software, users have the flexibility to transfer to an existing document or transfer from an existing document. A function commonly used will be where a user can transfer from a quotation or to a delivery order. This would save time to re-create a new document, reducing human error and improves productivity. Stock adjustment can also be done automatically where after a stock take, system will detect the difference between physical quantity and book quantity. User can select to auto adjust the stock or keep as it is. This again eliminates further error to manually adjust the stock inventory.

There are many scalable possibilities for this SME Accounting software where some organizations may require a more complex accounting software and we can provide customised programming to meet the changes required. Off the shelve accounting software are usually developed from a set of templated standards and the usual basic features for most organization. It may not necessarily meet the operations needs of the business. Hence being able to customize the standard software will be essential to improve the operations requirements ahead and be more efficient.

For other organizations which may need more to this Business Accounting Software, they often explore further with the options for API or similar integration to connect seamlessly to their other existing software for a more complete workflow suitable for their business requirements and be more robust. This is where Autocount Accounting Software is able to step up and transform from a Basic accounting software to a highly customizable solution.

All in all, as technology gets better over time, software these days are able to perform more at a lower cost. Time to time, organizations often explore the options to enhance or upgrade existing software to meet the business operations. Businesses evolve over time and software needs to be able to keep up with the ever-changing technology.