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  AutoCount Inventory
Flexible, Versatile, User-Friendly and Complete Suite of Solutions

  • One of the most popular Accounting Software in Malaysia & Singapore
  • More than 25,000 companies using
  • Tested and proven since 1996

AutoCount Inventory, a versatile, user friendly inventory management solution offering real-time inventory control, tracking of inventory movement and inventory status. Its simplified entry form enable quick & easy transaction entry and resourceful, comprehensive analysis report is available with just a click of button.

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Distinguishing Features
  • Reliable and stable MS SQL server engine. High performance & scalability with use of .NET technology
  • Multi-user environment & internet access ability
  • Share data easily across MS Excel, Word, PDF, HTML
  • KIV and auto-save function
  • Unlimited user definable field, with or without scripting
  • Online view of price history, inventory balance
  • Audit trial, back-up and restore
  • Real-time profit estimation
  • Inventory Reports
  • Notifications on Stock movements & status
  • API to integrate with 3rd party accounting system
  • API to integrate with 3rd party POS system
Key Modules
  • Sales/Purchase Invoicing
  • Partial Received
  • Partial Delivery
  • User Defined Field (UDF)
  • Landing Cost
  • Multi-Location
  • Basic Multi-UOM
  • Consignment
  • FOC Quantity
  • Scripting
  • Advanced Multi-UOM
  • Filter by Salesman
  • Item Batch No.
  • Item Package
  • Basic Assembly
  • Serial No. Control
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Bonus Point
  • Multi Dimensional Price Book
  • Multi-Level Assembly