Get a Total Accounting Solution!    

We are pleased to inform you that Autocount Accounting Management System is one of the approved IRAS Accounting Software Register


We are able to assist you to tap on Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) to offset the cost of acquisition, implementation and training if you meet the qualifying conditions.

No Year End Closing
Now, you can keep multi-years of data in a single account book.
No Re-Index Required
With the powerful Microsoft SQL Server, users will never have to run Re-Index on their database even power failure or improper shut down.
No Dongle Control
You will never have to buy a new package because of your dongle damaged.
Real Time Posting
When a Sales Invoice is saved, your account and stock will be updated immediately.
No Double
Without basic accounting debit and credit knowledge, you can start entering your data and generate reports immediately.
Handle Multi currency transaction, allow unlimited currency code; Auto posting of realized exchange gain / loss….